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Um…Did Suge Knight Hint At Infecting Easy E With AIDS?

So there’s this video that surfaced (above) of Suge Knight making a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2003, and it is quite eerie. Things take an awkward turn after Knight randomly makes a joke about injecting people with an AIDS needle as a form of murder.

“They got this stuff calledthey get blood from somebody with AIDS and they shoot you with it. That’s a slow death, an Eazy E thang, you know what I mean?”

Um, Suge…you don’t want to know what we think you mean.

Seriously though, who would joke like that?

And coming off the heels of Straight Outta Compton…

People who saw the movie got a slight glimpse of the tension that arose between Eazy E and Suge Knight over Dr. Dre’s contract. There was also the whole Blood (Suge) vs. Crip (Eazy) thing, so yeah…

Karma much?


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