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Is it Shady or is it Just Life?

Singer Neyo had two children by his then fiance and asks her to get her tubes tied so that they would not have more kids. Leading her to believe that their family is complete.

The relationship ends and he moves on and meets someone new and is now expecting a baby and is engaged.

Is this Shady or Just Life?

  • Don’t think its shady. He may have felt two kids were enough for him/them. but a new relationship means different things. If she didn’t feel she was done having kids she should have told him to wrap it or snip it.
  • Her body. Her choice. People change their minds about things. She should have known this was a possibility.
  • It’s interesting because if he didn’t want kids he should’ve fixed himself. I still can’t believe she tied her tubes. It’s almost as if he deliberately tried to stop her from having kids with any man after him. Very shady
  • I don’t think it’s shady, however if it a mutual decision than “both” parties need to do it.. I did the same thing when I was married and the ex is still breeding LOL
  • Selfish on his end and careless on hers. Do not let any man predict your future or control your body. That’s for you and God only.
  • Although it was a “‘mutual” decision, y’all know Neyo manipulated her into tying her tubes . He ain’t shi*! Men can manipulate women into doing things
  • A man will show you how he feel,its up to us as woman to know when to let go
    He moved on,she has two kids,she should send him a baby shower gift,and get over it. As long as he does right by his children with her,that’s all that should matter

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