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2019 Survivor Soul Stroll

Wednesday was all about — Age Old Love Questions — Check out our top answers!

If she exchanges the engagement ring, does it mean she doesn’t love you?

  • This is a major investment and one that is symbolic and worn the length of the marriage (hopefully many years), so yes you should be completely happy with your ring. Unless the plan is to upgrade or receive an anniversary band, then it shouldn’t offensive if you request to exchange it.
  • No, she don’t. If she really loves u she would appreciate u during rough and good times…..
  • I made the biggest mistake of my life when I traded my ring in without my then fiance’s knowledge. It didn’t mean that I didn’t love him, I did…but the ring wasn’t what I wanted. Long story short, I deserved more after 12 years of b.s. So I got what I wanted. He got mad. We broke up 8 years later–never married. I’m happy. End of story.

    P.S.-I was completely wrong and totally out-of-order for doing it.

  • No. What love got to do with it!! Best thing to do is; before a guy proposed, he should feel her out to see what she likes.
  • Yes They are about themselves and material possessions


Is boring sex just a part of being in a long-term relationship?

  • Yes, yes and yes. You really gotta work on being creative and kinky to keep it spicy.
  • You gotta keep things exciting. Role play, go to a strip club together. It’s all in what you make it.
  • People get lazy but I love sex too much never a dull moments here I’m his wife and I totally submit to him especially during sex.
  • I think every relationship hits a dry spot no matter how long you have been together. But once u notice it u should put in the effort to change it so u don’t get bored.
  • I have been with my wife since age 18 I’m 40 now. It just takes more effort to keep it exciting.


Can a cheater change?

  • Yes, you can change but you have to want to. Been in marriage for 16 years and after a rocky first year I have not cheated for 15.
  • Yes. If they want. Cheating is a choice.
  • Depends on why they cheat. Some people are just not monogamous no matter how good the relationship is.
  • No!


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