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Can your lover/ spouse’s baby mama / daddy be at your house without you being there?

  • Not that I would not trust my spouse but it is a respect thing. Don’t put yourself in any position to have the trust I have in you tested.
  • My daughter’s father can. He knows his place. He better not touch these steps and stay downstairs. Lol.
  • My husband don’t have any other kids, but my oldest son father comes to our house all of the time and will sleep on my couch
  • Nope…sends open door policy
  • All depends on why. If she just dropping off the kids and said a few words then yes but not to be all lounging. With that said as long as I don’t think she trying to get back with him
  • Hell my wife don’t even want her niece’s or female cousin’s at the house when she’s not home,,the last thing I want is a family member


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