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It is “Relationship Rant” night! What drives you nuts about love, sex and relationships? Get it off of your chest right now!

  • Seems like if your a woman with standards and your single, your destined to be single forever. It seems like all the good men are either taken or in hiding. Men tell women don’t hold on to past hurt but they will get hurt in 3rd grade and at 35, they still bitter from that experience. #endrant
  • Women wanting to combine all the good attributes from DIFFERENT types of men in one man. that’s not going to happen. you have to take the bad with the good. realize what are the most important characteristics to you and take the bad ones that come with that type of man.
  • When she’s on her cycle and gets in bed. Just  sleep downstairs … Geesh
  • Women do not drop hints Say what you need ! Signed Men who love you!
  • Times when one is hot …  one is cold
  • We are not psychic when it comes to knowing what men what….if you want something say it…
  • When a man suggest after 7 years that he just want to be friends instead of manning up and saying it’s over and keep it moving…..smh

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