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Jennifer Lewis

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Jenifer Lewis is a veteran. She has spent a life in the industry being one of the most forthright set women in the entertainment industry. Lewis has performed for many years on Broadway and has lent her vocals to many of the television and film projects that she has been a part of including performing a theme song for  the hit show ‘Strong Medicine’.

Now she is part of the hit show  ‘black-ish’.  I spoke with Ms. Lewis and she was truly inspiring and honest.

Elev8: How do you mange to keep going in this industry? What’s your inspiration point? What do you take  beauty from? What is your spiritual state and mantra?

Jenifer Lewis:  Wow, that’s a great question. It’s very deep.  I am inspired by so much. Sunsets, Moon-rises, things of nature. Nature ‘s change and turn. Those are things of great beauty and life. I try to take purposeful steps in life. I try to live in a state of gratitude. That is something you work at and you learn. You really learn that in this business.

Elev8: What do you think people should show more effort towards in their craft and in life?

Jenifer Lewis: They should love what you do. I love what I do. I live it with great passion. You need to focus on who you are too. You need to be true to who you are. When you are an actor you bring your life experiences to your role. If you come with truth, then you can apply that to that place where you are. I must say though you must love it. Truly absolutely love what you do. I have  had such great experiences with so many teams. You build wonderful relationships and no matter what set you are on it becomes your home and the people

How should people get through the rejection? Rejection is such a part of life no matte what you do. What should you do. Is there a way that you have found that is helpful?

Jenifer Lewis: Affirm the positive. Don’t dwell on the negative. Learn the power of I am. Affirm it everyday and know the great gifts you possess. Live that gratitude  out loud. Be thankful.

This week she will be in an episode that hits home the Johnson family faces the struggle of what to do on Sundays. ‘black-ish’ will take on the spiritual value of Church and faith. In the Johnson home, Sundays involve SAT prep and sports, so when the family is invited to Church on Sunday by the neighbors, Dre goes against his instinct of always saying “no” and agrees. When they end up having one of the best Sundays they can remember, they realize they should say “yes” to things more often. Meanwhile, Jack and Diane find out they were never baptized, and take it upon themselves to do whatever they want, on ‘black-ish,’.

‘black-ish’ airs on Wednesday nights at 9pm on ABC.

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