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A Jackson, Tennessee man adopted a dog and was killed by the canine just hours later.

Anthony Riggs adopted the Rottweiler on Thursday morning, reports the Jackson Sun. Shortly after saving the five-year-old dog from a Rabies Control Center, Riggs brought the new pet over to show his son Thomas. The father and son made plans for the holidays, hugged, and said their goodbyes. Around three that afternoon, Madison County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an emergency call about a dog attack.

Riggs’ wife Kathy and her coworker had arrived home during the afternoon and found his body. Both Kathy and her coworker were also bitten by the dog, which ran out of the house and was shot on sight by police. “The husband was all chewed up,” Madison County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesman Tom Mapes told The Huffington Post. “There was blood everywhere. The sheriff’s report said [Riggs] was found ‘mortally wounded on the floor from the dog attack.’”

The coworker was identified as Teresa Sanchez, who later confirmed the incident on The Jackson Sun’s Facebook page, commenting, “He wasn’t growling or showing teeth he just bit us like he did it all the time or something,” Sanchez wrote on Facebook. “It was unreal what that dog did and he should NEVER have been adopted out period.

Riggs’ ex-wife Adrienne spoke to the paper, revealing how much her ex-husband loved pets: “He never hesitated to be with dogs. Sometimes I thought he related to dogs better than to people.”

SOURCE: Huffington Post, Jackson Sun | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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