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Hey Boo Cakes!  You are your most valuable resource and your most precious asset.  Therefore, making sure you are happy, healthy and whole is just as important as paying your mortgage or your  car note.  Many people consider wellness services and activities as luxuries.  I beg to differ.  We carry stress (both physical and emotional) in our muscles.  Stress also manifests itself through various illnesses including high blood pressure, heart attack and cancer.  When considering this, wellness services and activities are important and need to be factored into your budget.  If you think you can’t afford facials, massages, yoga classes and the like, think again.  You can plan and save for a monthly activity.  You can find discounts online.  The options are limitless.  After all, we weren’t meant to merely exist.  We were meant to LIVE.  Living means having the best quality of life as possible.

Here are a couple of videos from my wellness session last night.  I had a vitamin C facial and massage.  I totally needed and enjoyed my services.

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