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We talk a lot about marriage and relationships on the show; so I wanted to switch it up a bit and show singles some love. Not all single people are desperately hunting down the “one” or miserable while waiting on love. Many of you have carved out exciting, interesting and successful lives while enjoying all that dating can bring. Tonight it was about your tips for being single and FABULOUS!

  • Don’t get caught up in what others are doing. Focus on your happiness and do things that echo that sentiment.
  • Realize why your past relationships failed. Even if you ended them you still have to look at how you contributed to the failures. Once you do that create a plan to overcome those issues. Once you start working on them be more selective and confident when shopping for your next mate. You should be happier when you know you’re in control.
  • Know your self worth… Step out of your comfort zone (something I just started doing)…. Exercise, pay attention to your health….. Meet new people, (not necessarily for romantic reasons)…. Give yourself a chance (understand that being single does not have to last a lifetime)
  • Stop being desperate and discover who you really are, deal with your fears, hurts disappointments and discover what really matters and makes you happy.. No one else can do that for you.
  • Travel, business ownership, personal development, pursuing your dreams.
  • Love yourself and work on being a better person til you get into a relationship. Being single is not bad it just gives u time to work on you!! Pursue your dream, own your own home, attend single classes and retreats,etc
  • Deciding not to be desperate and to wait for what you deserve.

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