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President Obama Freestyles With The Star Of “Hamilton”

“Drop the beat” said President Obama to the drummer that played while he and Lin-Manuel Miranda filmed a freestyle in The White House Rose Garden. The Obama’s are huge fans of the Broadway play “Hamilton” which tells the story of the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. The musical’s opening act was initially performed as a poem at The White House in 2009. Miranda has been working on the production for over seven years and the fruits of his labor have resulted in the show being sold out for months. The Obama’s brought the cast to The White House where students from the D.C. area had a chance to participate in workshops based on a newly established “Hamilton” curriculum. “…[This musical is] the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life” said FLOTUS. NY Times

New App Helps To Limit Racial Hiring Bias In Silicon Valley

Despite having nearly two decades of coding under her belt and degrees from Stanford and MIT, Stephanie Lampkin says she’s experienced being denied job opportunities because of the color of her skin. Studies have shown that despite being as qualified as their white counterparts, when recruiters see African American candidates photos or come across “black sounding names” those applicants are less likely to be considered for the job; a bias that has contributed to the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley. Lampkin has since created the app Blendoor which lets job seekers upload resumes, then conceal their name and photo from employers to prevent unconscious bias. Lampkin has already raised over $100K in funding and she’s secured the support from 19 large tech firms including Google, Intel and Facebook. Forbes

Trump Evades Charges For Inciting Riots At His Rallies

Many African Americans that have attended Donald Trump rallies have found themselves viciously attacked by the presidential candidate’s typically racist and bigoted supporters. On March 9, a North Carolina man was punched while being escorted out of a Trump rally. Authorities released a statement that they were investigating whether Trump should be held responsible for starting a riot at the event which he deemed a “love fest”. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has since concluded that the violent acts that took place, “do not meet the requisites of the law to support a conviction of inciting a riot.” Trump will go on to campaign another day. Washington Post

New Bill Proposes Paying Parents To Spend Time With Their Kids

Assemblyman Mike Gatto, (D- Los Angeles) recently proposed amending California’s Family-School and Partnership Act. Passed in 1995, parents and guardians are allotted up to 40 hours, unpaid, for activities pertaining to their children as well as family emergencies. With the AB 2405 bill, employers would be required to pay for 24 hours of time off spent on family activities.  “Too many parents are prevented from participating in their children’s education due to economic barriers,” said Gatto. “Parents shouldn’t have to choose between paying the bills and being involved in their child’s education.” The bill will be referred to a committee hearing followed by a vote by the Assembly in April. KTLA


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