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Is it okay for your lover to have a work wife / husband? Someone of the opposite sex that they are close to on the job. Fun or Temptation? Your Thoughts …

  • Don’t let me find out about it
  • Sure. As long as it does not turn into an affair what’s the harm?!
  • As long as you have trust and respect in your relationship then it isn’t a problem. Plus it can be a bonus in regards to getting the opinions/thoughts from the opposite sex
  • i have am one and a pm one…and my new male friend knows bout them both..but at work its fun flirtation..
  • Me and mine like to play around like this all the time, but we have something many relationships struggle with… trust
  • Fun temptation. For men it’s a lady to bounce ideas of how to be a better husband to his wife and for women it means she is seeking a man’s opinion about pressing issues that another woman may be judgmental about.

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