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Can your adult unmarried kids sleep in the same bedroom with a boyfriend / girlfriend while visiting your home?

  • My sons are grown and prosperous . I think there are worse things they could do to disrespect me
  • Nope! Go to a hotel…it is disrespectful-9 times out of 10 your parents know you are not a nun but you do not need to flaunt it and my parents would not even give me the option but I would never ask. if you are so grown stay at your own place and visit or get a hotel when in town. You never wanted to hear your parents they definitely do not want to hear you either!
  • Sure it started when he turned 18
  • I am old school, and it would be a no! When me and my mom and her b/f went with my grandparents to Florida, our older cousins didn’t allow any shacking up under their roof, so my mom’s b/f had to stay at a hotel. Same rules apply.
  • Yes. But, my mom wasn’t having it when I was ENGAGED
  • Absolutely NOT! I was raised to respect my grandmother and grandfather (they raised me) so much so that no male (husband, boyfriend or otherwise) could even step foot on the stairs leading up to my room. She said if you wanna share a room, get a hotel room.
  • Yes, I am a pretty liberal parent. They can share a room, but my hope is that they will choose not to have sex that night because I am next door. My daughter is an adult and I want to respect her too.
  • No . I grew up old school, and frankly LaDawn I know my son is active ….but I don’t  Want 2 Hear it. I may happen to walk past the Room, and. × × …. Heck no, the thought of it gives me chills

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