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The world is talking about the lady making eyes from the stands at Curry at the NBA Championship game last night. Many are saying that his wife needs to set this lady straight.

Is it your job or your lover’s job to place a disrespectful admirer in their place?

  • Neither. If they react every time a lady wants to get him, then their marriage not built on faith.
  • The wife doesn’t need to do anything or say anything to that woman…..her man knows that he has a wife at home that he respects and love….that woman also knows he is married….if that man make a move on that woman…the wife needs to go after her man because his vows are to her not the side piece….
  • No it’s his job if the chick continues..Athletics is in those jobs where accepting you Boo will be hit on is what it is.
  • It’s your lovers place, they have to set the tone, because if you set it, whose to say your lover is not entertaining their advances
  • Oh please! I’m not worrying about anyone LOOKING at my husband. He’s a handsome guy, and if I approach every woman who looks at him, I’ll be approaching all the time.

    Personally, I find it fascinating; because at the end of the day, he’s going home with me.

  • Nope. All she did was look. No crime there.
  • I could care less if a woman makes eyes at my husband. You can’t get bend outta shape over every woman that ‘looks’ at your man. He should ignore her and so will I. Why address it?