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Angela Simmons, Rev Run’s daughter, is being called on her “playing virginal” while now being pregnant and not married. Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s, daughter, who tours talking no sex before marriage has had two kids with no ring.

Do you think the whole abstinence movement is BS? Thoughts …

  • The abstinence issue is important for good health, I won’t judge them for being a inspiration to the young girls & Teenagers by saying that sex should not be a casual event .Nobody’s perfect in design except the Living God so judge less
  • You only live once… I’m not abstaining from that good-good.
  • I would like to believe it to be true up until the age of 18 and over. After that you may get the side eye, with my lips pursed
  • No, it’s not. They were perpetrators. I wish our society would quit relying on supposed stars as role models. There are plenty of young girls and young women who believe in abstinence.
  • No, but sometimes hormones get the best of people…True story
  • Its not BS but you cant have your spokesperson be a hypocrite. They make fools out of every young girl and boy who stands by a standard they believe in, making it even harder for them to stand up against pressure. “Your role model gave in. why don’t you?”
  • No I don’t think it’s bs it can be done I’m a witness have been and still doing it. I’ve had a time where my flesh won out however when it’s something you believe and want for yourself it is possible with God’s help
  • Abstinence as a movement was always a lie,people just kept there sexual escapades a secret… But in theory it’s a beautiful thing!!!