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Tonight, I was answering your questions on love, sex and relationships. Here is the featured question of the night:

Q. My wife cannot stand my friends and has banned them from the house. We have been married for six months and I thought she was good with my boys, but she says they are rude and a bad influence. This can’t be right that I lose my friends in the marriage.

A.Brother as crazy as this seems lots of relationships go through a purging of friends and family in order for the marriage to work. What you have to remember is that everyone that is a friend of yours does not have to be a friend of the couple. She has a right to voice her opinions on your friends and you have the right too — to defend the friends that you feel she may be misjudging. All couples go through this and some people stay in the couple circle and others get kicked out in order for your home to be happy. The important thing to remember is that you can still have your circle of friends and respect your wife’s wishes to not socialize with certain people.