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Watched RHOA and the drama around Phaedra and Kandi is both entertaining and sad.

Question: Should you tell a former best friend’s secrets after the friendship is over?

  • No, but Kandi been holding Phaedra down even after they stop being friends. Phaedra always throwing shade on her and her family then acting like a wholesome Southern Bell. So yes, I understand why Kandi put her out there and exposed her.
  • As someone who does not watch RHOA, I can not speak on the termination of the relationship, however, if the ending was bitter, human nature may lead to impulsive behavior–shade and evil words. Hurt people, hurt people, unfortunately…
  • No! Absolutely not! You may have been “MY” best friend but doing this will only prove to me that I was never “YOUR” best friend
  • Nope. They were told to each other as friends. That was just petty and messy. Suppose to go to the grave with that secret.
  • As someone who has had their secrets spilled, it’s disheartening and disturbing. I’ll go to the grave with former friends’ secrets because after the friendship, I simply let the hurt go. Some people will not do the same.
  • That’s definitely off limits. When you are best friends with someone and trust them with your deepest secrets and vs you are pledging (not literally) that whatever happens your secrets are safe with me. I feel like no good can come out of that and then it becomes tit for tat. This is why you can’t tell everyone your business. If you have a best friend that is telling her friend business to you then you already know she can’t be trusted. One thing I do live by ( which sucks it has to be this way) is if u don’t want your business out there or secrets just keep it to yourself from the start.
  • Absolutely not! Kandi can say what she wants and Phedra too but they are both wrong. I always held Kandi to a higher standard above them all, but she has compromised her integrity on this one smh