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The scene with Kandi, Riley and her dad was painful to watch on RHOA last night. I get where Kandi is coming from though she wants Riley to have some normalcy with her dad something she didn’t have; so she encourages Riley to keep trying.

Should you force your child to communicate with a parent who has been distant, but is trying to do better?

  • Not force but encourage when they are ready.. Riley wasn’t mentally ready for that reunion.. Meaning she needed more time to really feel like she wanted to talk to him..that was painful…she’s not a baby..
  • No, never force. But leave all available sources on the table. (Telephone number, email, home address).
  • Yes its very important! If something happens her conscious can be clear without having any regrets.
  • NEVER FORCE, a child to have a relationship with a distant parent, because the child will most likely go in the opposite direction. You can encourage the child to try to have an open mind about it. Remember that child is going through processing the disappointment, hurt, abandonment issues. Those feelings run DEEP!
  • No. Only push it if the parent actually makes an effort. Other than that is on the estranged parent to continue to try.
  • I’ve been in Riley’s shoes where I had to meet my father but I had the luxury of no cameras and being much younger. I don’t think this meeting should have taken place in front of the cameras. His response is the same response my dad gave when I held resentment towards him and his absence. They don’t know how to take ownership if their failures. I hope they have another meeting one on one and absent of the cameras, seek counseling, and find ways to heal and move forward. Otherwise it forever fester in her soul.