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trump can't handle the press racists election

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The midterm elections resulted in some major triumphs and some major disappointments. The week was full of winners and losers when it came to candidates, but outside of this, the biggest winners and losers weren’t necessarily running for office.

Check out who was grabbing the Ws below, then hit the next page to find out what election-related variable was the biggest loser of all.


The I Ain’t Never Scurd Press

With a chronic liar and all-around embellisher in the White House, the power of the press is more important than ever. Sometimes they can be a little iffy too when it comes to circumventing the truth. But this week, they had zero time for Trump and his crusty lies and pointer fingers. Despite any intimidation tactics, the press let it be known that they would NOT back down.

It all went down at a news conference on Wednesday following the midterm elections. Trump was being grilled on previous statements and the loads of controversy he’s always mixed up in. Jim Acosta was one of the first to get up in Trump’s grill.

According to CNN, he brought up the Central American migrant caravan and asked the president why he characterized it as “an invasion.”

Trump’s response?

“I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better.”



Jim kept it cute in spite of Trump’s meet me outside statement. But he wasn’t about to sit back down like some meek Trump Tower peasant thing. Jim proceeded to question Trump about the Russia investigation and the president shouted “That’s enough. That’s enough” and he told Jim to “put down the mic.”

Jim was like nah.

At one point, someone even tried to grab the mic from Jim, but he was like…nah.

Trump proceeded to call him a “rude, terrible person.” However, another reporter, Peter Alexander, had Jim’s back!

When Alexander got his chance at the mic, he called Jim a “diligent reporter,” to which Trump responded, “Well, I’m not a big fan of yours, either.”

Peep the whole ordeal below!

The press refused to be silent that day.

PBS Newshour’s White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor told Trump he once referred to himself as a “nationalist,” and she asked whether this meant he supported White nationalists.

Trump responded by saying “I don’t know why you’d say that — that’s such a racist question.”


Then he said, “Why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African Americans,” which turns out to be fake news by the way.


Things got even better when a Yahoo News White House correspondent asked Trump about reports saying he called rapper Lil Jon an “Uncle Tom.” Trump responded by saying “I don’t know who Lil Jon is,” and the reporter reminded Trump that Lil Jon was on Trump’s previous show The Celebrity Apprentice.


This receipt was pulled thanks to social media…



Trump also tried to silence April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, telling her to “sit down” when she asked a question about voter suppression. But April continued to use her voice on The View this week, saying, “If I don’t ask a lot of those questions, then they will not be asked.”

Due to Trump’s beef with the press on Wednesday, he’s suspended Jim Acosta’s White House press pass, according to USA Today, and he might suspend more press passes later on.

But no matter how much 45 tries to silence the media, they’ll continue to win if they keep that same I ain’t never scurd attitude they had on Wednesday!

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