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1.)  Minimize stress.  If stress kills, there is no question it ages you prematurely.  Make eliminating or minimizing stress a priority.

2.)  Be good to your body.  Work out regularly and adopt a healthy balanced diet.  You maintain your car and the clothes in your wardrobe to maintain their quality.  Surely you can do the same for yourself.

3.)  Be good to your soul.  Wellness maintains youthfulness.  Do and focus on the things that facilitate your happiness and well being.

4.) Be thankful.  Truly being appreciative of life makes you handle it with the utmost care.  Gratefulness is a lifestyle and that lifestyle keeps you young!

5.)  Be positive.  Positivity promotes youthfulness.  A funky attitude ages and negativity gives you wrinkles.  Seriously!  Have you ever noticed people with negative mentalities frown, furrow their brows and look prematurely old in the face?

6.)  Interact with youth!  It’s no secret that young people keep you young!  Be open minded and humble enough to interact with young people.  Watch, listen and learn.  They will keep you current.

7.)  STOP COUNTING!  You become what you think and speak.  You stop aging when age is no longer a worry or a focus.  Live.  Love.  Laugh.  People will see you youthfulness of your spirit before the age of your body or face.