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Morgan Freeman

Source: Getty Images / Morgan Freeman

We’ve heard the running joke all our lives: Morgan Freeman was born old! As funny as that it, there’s actually very little evidence to prove the contrary.

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There’s a whole thread on the Internet dedicated to finding out whether the Oscar winner is actually an alien being living among us. Like seriously, when was he ever young.

Cyber Sai: “I just recently watched “Eyewitness” a Sigourney Weaver movie from 1981, she made it 2 years after Alien. Morgan Freeman had a role as a cop in the movie. In the movie he does have black hair, but he still looks old. And this movie is from f**ing 1981…over 30 years ago. Was Morgan Freeman ever young?”

Of course, the responses, like Morgan Freeman’s age, were out of this world.

Lockedout6: He’s not bounded by space and time. Right now, I’m reading every post as if Morgan Freeman himself was narrating it.

Penisochio: Huh, was God ever young. Good question.

YellowShampoo: he looks like a male version of the oracle. maybe he’s just a program in the matrix

But if you dig deep enough, there is an actual photo of a younger Morgan Freeman.

morgan freeman

Source: Getty / Getty

Not like teenager young, but not as old as we’ve seen him in our lifetime.

morgan freeman

Source: Getty / Getty

Someone on Twitter dug even deeper and found the UNBELIEVABLE photo of Mr. Freeman as a child! Wow.  We’ve officially seen it all.

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