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I swear.

For months, I have been wanting to write a piece about how we cannot pay the Kardashian clan any more attention every time they steal from our culture, our beauty, or from other Black women. I had every intention of reminding y’all that when Kim decides to wear braids or Blackfish us or say things like “we don’t see color in our house,” that we are only feeding into her nonsense, which probably only drives her and her sisters into a happy tizzy.

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Because for a family that has spent a large part of their lives in the media’s eye—on purpose—they see every last complaint, we have about them on social media. They are not living in some tanned airbrushed bubble, they simply just don’t give AF. This is why more than anything, I would love to see what it would look like if as sistas, we could collectively ignore them for good. Total radio silence; like they didn’t exist.

Could you imagine their response? Their inner Karens would cause them to implode.

But sadly BEAUTIES, today isn’t that day, because they went and did something that done pissed off too many of us to ignore. See, in an effort to try to be more inclusive with her bodywear line Skims (which was once called Kimono until Asian Twitter dragged her by her hair extensions), Kim added face masks, claiming that they came in “5 shades of Nudes.”

Peep the image of the dark-skinned Black woman:

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Look, first of all, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, so we love all the melanin. But this isn’t nude, this is just Black, and the color Black isn’t nude. Most important, with soooooo many hues of fabric to choose from, why not just use a darker brown? Why not make a more accurate reflection of the customers you claim to care about? Why this choice? Maybe how she sees us. Who knows?

While I don’t have the answers to those questions, I know this: of course, those basic $8 masks sold out quickly (cause that’s what the cult of Kardashian does) and that onyx didn’t sit well with a lot of sistas on Twitter…and with good reason.

It’s trifling, unnecessary and plain lazy.

But Shelby Ivey Christie, the fashion and costume historian who is always on-point, called out Kim, but also other Black women, like the model wearing the black face mask, who are constantly defending Kim, putting her interests over their own.

That, and she highlighted Nubian Skin, a Black-owned nude lingerie brand that has ALL OF OUR shades in mind.

Speak on it Shelby!

She’s right: enough really is enough with these birds. Hopefully, we can finally come to the point where we don’t give any of the Kardashians, especially after how they treated Jordyn, another dime or another ounce of our attention. Because, honestly, there are way too many Black-owned brands and Black celebs out there that actually love and respect us in all of our glorious melanated shades.

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