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1. Electoral College Vote Dissolves into Chaos at the Capitol


What You Need To Know:

On Wednesday, lawmakers met on Capitol Hill to certify the Electoral College votes in the 2020 Presidential election. As expected, a coalition of 11 Republican Senators challenged the election results, citing election fraud in battleground states.

2. Democrats Celebrate the Georgia Senate Sweep

What You Need To Know:

The Democrats have succeeded in securing a slim majority in the U.S. Senate with the second Georgia runoff election win by Jon Ossoff over Republican David Perdue Wednesday afternoon.

3. Coronavirus Update: California Now Epicenter of Pandemic


What You Need To Know:

California is struggling to control a massive outbreak of infections and deaths that has pushed available resources to the limit. In just over a month, Los Angeles County has doubled its number of infections, pushing the state’s total of infections to more than 2.4 million

4. “We’re Tired Of The Excuses”, Rev. Al Sharpton Responds to Officer Fired for Fatal Shooting of Andre Hill

What You Need To Know:

Rev. Al Sharpton is demanding that officer Adam Coy face criminal charges after being fired on Monday for fatally shooting Andre Hill, a Black Ohio grandfather who was bringing a family member Christmas money on December 22, 2020.

5. Facebook Playing With Gaming Diversity In $300 Million Market


What You Need To Know:

Facebook is committing $10 million over two years to support the Black gaming community.


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