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Over the last couple of years, Naomi Campbell has been more open and canid about her skincare and workout routines. She’s allowed us to catch a glimpse into her life via her YouTube channel, Being Naomi. Through her videos, she shows us her go-to products, how she applies her makeup, her journey to maintaining her fitness goals, and so much more.


In a snippet posted to Instagram, Naomi partners up with Chess champion and comedian Elsa Majimbo, for a step by step process on how to effectively remove your makeup.

In the actual YouTube video, Naomi appeases fans by showing off her skincare routine after a night out for New Years Eve, going into the early hours of New Years Day. After her and Elsa return from the beach at about 6am, they discuss the importance of removing your makeup before going to bed. Naomi recalls going to bed in her makeup in the past, but acknowledges that it’s not good for your face.

In the video, you hear Naomi refer to some of the products she uses. She name drops brands like Pat McGrath, Johnson & Johnson Baby Wipes, Zinc, and others. The beauty hacks dropped in this video are enough to revitalize your skincare routine. Naomi walks us through the best ways of fully removing makeup, especially in those problem areas like around the eyes. After the removal, she moves on to washing, toning, and moisturizing her face before heading off to sleep.

The next morning, Elsa and Naomi reunite to discuss her morning routine. She even dived into the importance of keeping your face as moisturized as your hands. This video explains how our favorite model maintains her clear, youthful glow.

Take notes, kids.

While Naomi didn’t disclose all of the products used in this video, she promised to share them in a follow up one. I’ll be there with my pen, paper, and wallet.

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