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Anyone that decides to choose a life of crime isn’t the smartest of the bunch in the first place, but it takes a truly bold idiot to try and rob a whole congregation in the middle of Sunday service.

Surprisingly enough, that actually happened over at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church in Tennessee, but what came as even more of a surprise was the person who ended up as their savior: the pastor himself!



According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, 26-year-old Dezire Baganda sat in the front row during the aforementioned service (seen above) before getting up, walking to the altar and literally pulling out a gun while instructing church attendees to get up.

Read up below on what occurred next and how the paster showed extreme bravery, via NBC News:

“He waved the gun around, told everyone to get up and ‘pointed the handgun at the congregation,’ police said.

Harrowing surveillance video from the incident appears to show the suspect wave the gun in his hand facing the worshippers. The pastor tackled the suspect from behind and brought him to the ground, according to the footage.

Some shocked church attendees ran out of the church upon seeing the pastor spring into action. Others helped disarm Baganda before any shots were fired and kept him pinned to the ground until officers arrived to the scene, police said.”

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The hero at hand, Ezekial Ndikumana, spoke via a translator to FOX & Friends First on his recollection of the events, telling the outlet, “I saw that we were already dead,” and adding, “In my mind, I was thinking that there was nothing else to do, except there was only either leave or die.”

As for Baganda, he was originally hit with 15 counts of felony aggravated assault which then increased to 57 after 42 new warrants were issued against him after the incident. While being arrested, he reportedly told police that he was “Jesus” and that “all churches and schools need to be shot up” according to USA Today.

Props to this man! Watch Ezekial Ndikumana speak on how he saved his congregation at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church below:


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