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The World’s Top Ten Highest Paid Athletes

We know sports is a big money maker across the globe, we’re talking billions of dollars. But if you ever wondered who some of the highest paid athlestes were in the world, well Forbes just putout a list of the top ten:

So here they are starting at :
#10 | $80.9 MILLION – GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO -(Basketball)
#9 | $83.9 MILLION – TOM  BRADY – (Football)
#8 – $90 Million – CANELO ALVAREZ (Boxing)
#7 – $90.7 Million – ROGER FEDERER (Tennis)
#6 – $92.1 Million -KEVIN DURANT (Basketball)
#5 – $92.8 Million – STEPHEN CURRY (Basketball)
#4 – $95 Million – NEYMAR (Soccer)
#3 – $115 Million – CRISTIANO RONALDO (Soccer)
#2 – $121 Million – LEBRON JAMES (Basketball)
#1 – $130 Million – LIONEL MESSI (Soccer)
So out of the top ten, we have 4 basketball players, 3 soccer players, 1 Football Player, 1 Boxer, and 1 Tennis player.
Source: Forbes

5th Graders Hospitalized After Eating Weed Gummies at Same School Where Kindergartner

Brought Margaritas to Class

Ok so do you remember the story of the kid who took a bottle of Margarita to her class and gave some of her classmates some and they all got kind of woozy. Well that same school is back in the headlines.

This time for two  5th graders at the school having to be hospitalized after they ate some gummies, that were weed infused.
per Metro Times, The parent of one of the kids said “From my understanding, the [other] boy asked my son ‘Do you want a piece of candy?’ and my son said yes,”  “The boys broke the gummy in half, and a couple of hours later my son began to feel sick. He told the teacher that he didn’t feel good and she took him to the office. They questioned him, and when he told them he ate a gummy, they asked where he got it from. When they returned to the class to check, that’s when they found out he had a THC gummy.”
The school released a statement saying “While we try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school, that’s simply not possible,” the statement read. “We recognize this is a disturbing situation for any family and are working directly with the families of those students who were involved. We have also taken this opportunity to remind parents we have a zero-tolerance policy for bringing banned items to school. We encourage all parents and guardians to be vigilant about the food and snacks they are sending to school with their children.”
Your stash is not a stash if your kids know where it is.
Source: Complex

New Jersey Supreme Court grants former Black Panther parole after 49 years in prison

So Revolt is reporting that one member of the Black Panther Party, Sundiata Acoli, is being released from prison after spending 49 years behind bars after being found guilty for shooting a New Jersey State Trooper. He was sentenced to serve life plus 24 to 35 years.
At the age of 85 years old the court deemed that he  was no longer a threat to the public and granted him parole, 29 years after he was eligible to receive it.
Acoli’s attorney and civil rights advocate says it’s time for him “to live the rest of his life in the loving care of his family and community.” She noted that his release could bring hope and raise awareness “to the thousands of elders like him trapped in the New Jersey prison system.”
No here is an interesting fact, the incident that got Acoli arrested was also the same incident where Tupac’s God mother Assata Shakur was involved in before she escaped prison and fled to Cuba.
she is still currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
Source: Revolt
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