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Big Money

Lately there has been a lot of hoping and praying as the Powerball jackpot got up to over $2 Billion.

There were a lot of conversations between family and friends about what they would do with the money if they won.

Well after some technical difficulties and a delay, the numbers were revealed. Then we heard that there was only one winning ticket. Ans that was great news only problem, the ticket was sold in California. i don’t live-in California.

So back to reality of not being a super multi millionaire.


Dinosaur Head For Auction

Then I came across this story of a Dinosaur head that was dug up in South Dakota that was going ot be auctioned off. The dinosaur was a T rex and officials expect it to go for $15 million to $25 million.

After reading that, I said to myself, Damn! $15 million or maybe more for a dinosaur head.

Experts say the 6 1/2-foot (2-meter) fossil is about 76 million years old and still has most of the external skull bones and numerous teeth.

Granted that is not something you find everyday. And I’m sure not a lot of people have Dinosaur heads in their home as art. And I get it, but $15 million dollars.

Congrats to ever found this Dino head and is now selling it because to me that is a come up, a big one.

But to the person who will spend $15 to $25 million to buy it, What!

I guess when you have money like that, you buy things like that.

Not sure I would, unless I know the resale value could be worth more than what I paid for it. But maybe also because I don’t have an extra $15 million to even consider making such a purchase is probably why I don’t get it.

But I wouldn’t mind having that kind of money and have to worry about making decisions like that.

I can see it now. When you come over my house you’ll be hearing me say, Please be careful that’s a $25 million dollar real T Rex skull from over 75 million years ago.

Well the person who won that 2.04 Billion Powerball can buy it and more, with a cash out of over $980 million. That’s a lot of dinosaur heads right there.

But if you won the lottery or had an extra $15 million to spend would you buy it?


Check out the full story here: AP News