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Ryan’s Rant


You hear all kind of different sayings or adages throughout your lifetime.

But there is one that always stuck with me. If it has teeth it can bite, and it is so true. I don’t know how many times I’ve been bitten by a pet cat or dog and not necessarily like an intentional bite. But even in the act of playing around yo can get a nice scratch or cut from some very sharp teeth.

But that was the lesson. Because pet or wild beast if it has teeth, then yes, they can bite.

I feel the same way about computers. They may not have been bought or are being used for evil intentions. But if they have a camera a hacker can get in to your system. Then they can do all kinds of things that you are unaware of, like spy on you.

Our laptops, phones, and so many other devices are connected some how and even linked to be used together. These devices learn how you move and where you travel and gives you tips and recommendations based on your habits.

You ever mention something to someone on the phone or type something into your search bar and now all you see is advertising for that thing. No secret to why that is happens.

What if you could do something about it?

Check out this link  Go here for a trick to know when your phone’s camera or microphone is being used.

There are even steps to do it for your computer.

Check it out here: USA Today

And just like anything else knowledge is power.

And in this tech data world it is proving to remain true.