Ryan’s Rant

RYAN’S RANT   This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the 148th running of the Preakness. And I was excited because as long as I’ve lived here, I never went. That changed this weekend and the wife and I had a great time. We were on the terrace by the track and […]

Ryan’s Rant   Today’s rant is a true story. One that actually happened to our family. So one day on a lazy morning. My wife says you know, I’m going to give that instacart thing a try. We can get some items and won’t have to get up and go to the market. They’ll deliver […]

RYAN’S RANT   Today, I am writing this with some anger in my thoughts. As a parent most of us have this protective innate thing that wants us to protect our babies at all costs. So when it comes to their safety we are all in. And one thing about today’s society is it’s very […]

Ryan’s Rant Today, I’m writing about an incident that took place while we were celebrating my wife’s birthday this past weekend. If you didn’t know know y wife is from Miami by way of Haiti. So this is really her first time living in any other place. So in an attempt to show her that […]

Ryan’s Rant Today’s rant is about the New Year’s resolution trap. You know the whole new year new you. Do it now, Start now. Where you are subjected to all the lose weight, get fit, don’t stress, make more money goals. And truth be told when it comes to getting healthy or getting better it is […]

Ryan’s Rant   You hear all kind of different sayings or adages throughout your lifetime. But there is one that always stuck with me. If it has teeth it can bite, and it is so true. I don’t know how many times I’ve been bitten by a pet cat or dog and not necessarily like […]

Ryan’a Rant   Today I am a little sad writing this after hearing about the tragic passing of DJ Twitch. People reported it was by suicide. Twich was a DJ and a co executive producer of the very popular Ellen DeGeneres show. After starting out as a dancer, he carved out a nice little niche […]

Ryans’ Rant Are you the eat until you can’t move Thanksgiving eater? Or are you the marathon eater, the one that paces yourself throughout the whole day to maximize your food intake? Maybe the picker, and you don’t eat much of anything, just a little of this and a little of that. Either way, the […]

RYAN’S RANT Why do we call it Black Friday?   Today is Black Friday. A big shopping day in the United States. A day where a lot of businesses it would seem cut prices at unbelievable percentages. It makes you wonder how much profit are they are making on these product s all year long. […]

Ryan’s Rant   Today I want to say thank you. Thank you for being you, for waking up everyday and making it happen. For not stopping, despite the obstacles hurdles and challenges you may face day to day. Today is about being grateful for everything, the good and the lessons from the bad. And there […]