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Ryan’s Rant

Today’s rant is about the New Year’s resolution trap.
You know the whole new year new you. Do it now, Start now.
Where you are subjected to all the lose weight, get fit, don’t stress, make more money goals.
And truth be told when it comes to getting healthy or getting better it is smart to not delay.  But you need a plan that will give you the results you need at a pace you can follow and not lose interest or focus.
For many, some of those resolutions are something folks battle daily throughout the year. Things that are goals many are trying to achieve.
If you currently have a plan in place to get to your goals,  then keep working it.

If you need to adjust or make some changes that is okay. Make those changes for you and what you need.
But don’t let the pressure of the new year force you to speed up your process or take on more than you need to.
What you don’t want to do is fail. Or get so caught up with trying to accomplish an unrealistic goal. That you lose all your progress and momentum.
It’s very easy to quit and so hard to start. And not to mention how much harder it is to starting again after quitting.
Be sure to maintain a pace that is good for you. Always remember every race is not a sprint and you need to prepare for the right race with the right plan.
Be sure to maintain your discipline and keep working your plan. No matter what you are trying to achieve in the new year don’t let the New Year make you feel more pressure to perform than normal.
So block out the sideline chatter and focus on that voice inside you. Stay disciplined, and motivated and give yourself a realistic shot at reaching your goals. And the more you do this, the more it becomes a part of your lifestyle.
This time of year can be very challenging and many will feel the weight of societal judgment.
Resolutions are great but they need to be realistic and achievable.
So avoid the New Year resolution Trap.  Get a plan, be smart, disciplined, and maintain a great attitude, you’ll get it.
You are the most important thing. So be good and fair to yourself.

Especially if any of your resolutions are on this list:

Happy New Year.