Ryan’s Rant Today’s rant is about the New Year’s resolution trap. You know the whole new year new you. Do it now, Start now. Where you are subjected to all the lose weight, get fit, don’t stress, make more money goals. And truth be told when it comes to getting healthy or getting better it is […]

One of life’s greatest myths is, losing weight will cure unhappiness; especially if you are fat. We are told losing weight is always the resolution. It sounds dumb, and it is dumb, but this is what society has programmed us to believe, and unfortunately, many have bought into the ignorance. I am here to tell […]


These kind of stories you can't make up!


This photo motivated us right into the gym.

Bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta’s New Birth megachurch, hasn’t been heard from much since the sexual allegations that rocked his ministry some years back. But as he was never charged or tried, the allegations of misconduct faded away. Apparently, that’s given Bishop Long a new lease on life. He told his congregation that his recent […]

We picked out 10 celebrities who have been in good shape for so long, you may have forgotten they dropped some serious pounds back in the day.

While we're trying to figure out whether we're going to have a cookie or a brownie for dessert, EJ Johnson just revealed how he's managed to maintain his 180-pound weight loss over the past two years.

  Dr. Mark Hyman believes that we all deserve a life of vitality—and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves. That’s why…