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Ryan’s Rant


Today’s rant is a true story. One that actually happened to our family.

So one day on a lazy morning. My wife says you know, I’m going to give that instacart thing a try. We can get some items and won’t have to get up and go to the market. They’ll deliver it right to the door.

So I’m like man, this can be very handy and convenient for those times you want to save a little time or need to get something else done in the meantime.

Well she placed the order and some time went by. Then we started realizing hey its been way too long. Where are are groceries?

So back on the app checking everything and it says your items have been delivered. of course we are looking around the front of the house on neighbors yards. Nothing.

Then my wife checks the address. Since we recently moved the address wasn’t updated with our new location. So after finding that out. I got in the car and drove to the old neighborhood to the house we previously stayed.


Picking Up The Lost Groceries

I knocked on the door and some kids answered they were all smiling and looked they were having a great time.

After asking for an adult and it took quite some time for a gentleman to come.

Once he arrived I told the situation and asked if they had received any grocery deliveries.

He answered yes, closed the door slightly and proceeded to head into his kitchen.

I was expecting for him to come back pretty quickly to give me the bags. But i I was standing outside this man’s house for quite some time before he returned with one bag.

I took the bag to my car and came back for the others.

At this point the kids are now bring bags to the front door to me.

Then I realized what was happening. They had taken the groceries out of the bags and proceeded to put them in their fridge freezer and pantry.

That’s what was taking so long. They were trying to figure out what was mine after putting everything away like it was theirs.

So after receiving the last bag. I just got in the car shaking my head.

Now I didn’t order the food, so I wasn’t really sure what was suppose to be in there. But my wife sure did. And once I got home she was quick to point out quite a few items that were missing.

Then she showed me that they had evidentially opened boxes and placed them in their fridge. Our waffles were opened and a few other items.

I was a little upset about it because I wouldn’t have done that. Not that quickly, at least. Not in the same hour after the packaged showed up at my door.

Why would you go inside the bag and start taking things out. You know you didn’t order those groceries. you know you didn’t have an instacart order and if you did, you know this wasn’t yours.

I could understand if they had eggs in them. Then ok…lol.

Anyway,  I pose this question to you. If you receive a instacart grocery delivery like that.

How long would you wait before you start claiming the groceries as your own?

And are you keeping the groceries or nah?

PS: big shout to Instacart, my wife tweeted about the situation and they were kind enough to give us a credit and that was greatly appreciated.

And lesson learned.