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Today, I am writing this with some anger in my thoughts.

As a parent most of us have this protective innate thing that wants us to protect our babies at all costs.

So when it comes to their safety we are all in.

And one thing about today’s society is it’s very scary. For adults and children as well. it seems as if there are no rules t oanything. And at anytime anyone can just do something so crazy, that causes loss of life.

How many mass shootings has this country reported over the past few years. lets not talk about the amount of school shootings that have taken place as well.

It’s a very scary time.

That is one of the reasons I was a little upset about this story.  Allegedly a student compiled a kill list last year was allowed to return to the same school.

The 14 year old student from Kentucky was kicked out of the school after the discovery of the list. WLWT reported that he was even charged with second-degree terrorist threats.

But this year he was allowed to return school.


As for that kill list.

A Police official reportedly said, that the student was interviewed by a school officer about the contents in his notebook which contained names and acts of violence. He claimed the writings were his and he was “merely writing the thoughts down that were in his head.

And some parents are upset. To me they have every right. Imagine if one of your children’s names were on that list, how would you feel having that kid being back in school?

Even the principal of the school sons name was on that list. And he was still allowed back.

Knowing that at some point if he went far enough to put names on a list to kill. What will it take for him to carry out that kill list.

I was so upset reading about this and empathized with all the parents involved and upset over this happening.

I mean to put this child back in the same environment that caused him to feel the way he did to even create that list is just crazy to me.

It is such a risk an unnecessary one.

To potentially put all of these other kids at risk.

When we identify mental health concerns like this, we must address it and take the steps needed to keep everyone safe.

I’m sorry but my child would not be returning to that school.

Even with a note from the School Superintendent saying “With the assistance of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, our School Resource Officers, as well as the District Safety team, I can assure you all appropriate safety measures have been taken and are in place. Conner High School remains a safe school.”

And hopefully will stay that way.

What would you do if your child attended this school?


Source: NY Post