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Ryan’a Rant


Today I am a little sad writing this after hearing about the tragic passing of DJ Twitch.

People reported it was by suicide.

Twich was a DJ and a co executive producer of the very popular Ellen DeGeneres show.

After starting out as a dancer, he carved out a nice little niche for himself in the entertainment industry.

And if you’ve seen him on TV or on his social media he is very charismatic, full of energy and high spirited. Smiling, laughing and dancing a lot and celebrating with his family.

Not the look of someone who you would think could commit suicide.

But that’s the whole point of this.

It’s easy to spot a wound when it’s leaking blood and someone is screaming in pain. But if you are not privy to whats really happening with that person or if they are not showing signs of hurt, it could be very difficult to spot someone in trouble or a crisis.

So please if you are going through somersetting I pray and ask that you reach out to a friend or reach out to 988 which is the mental health crisis hotline.

And if you have people in your circle that you care about, truly care about. Just don’t shoot a text and say was sup. Give them a call, and ask how they re doing. Have a conversation, break some bread and make it a quality check in.

Lets do more wellness checks on the people we love and value.

We’ve all lost people in our lifetime. Let’s not lose anymore lives unnecessarily.

Call a friend, stop by, have a meal, break some bread talk, laugh, hug and lets fill each other up with more love and hope.


Stronger Together