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This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the 148th running of the Preakness. And I was excited because as long as I’ve lived here, I never went.

That changed this weekend and the wife and I had a great time. We were on the terrace by the track and sat at a table near the fence of the track. Which was great when it came to watching the horses running but it also meant that a lot of people would gather around our table to watch as well.

Every race it would be a bunch of different people but none where like these two couples who came over and instead of trying to get in where you could to get a spot to see. They decided to take two chairs from our table and stand on them to see over the crowd.

i thought it was rude and glad it wasn’t our chairs. But the gentleman who was still sitting at our table didn’t like it either. But he had a total different kind of response than I would have.

He said excuse me could you not step on those chairs people are sitting on them. They responded its ok, we’ll put them back when we’re finished. His response was very calm but disgusted, he said that’s not ok, in fact it’s quite inappropriate.

The couples started getting an attitude and after a few more back and forth, they decided to just get off the chairs.  And no they didn’t even wipe them off. And no they did not look like me or my wife.

But again, I though this was such a disrespectful thing to do especially at an event like this. People are in nice suits and dresses and you choose this.

If you need a step stool, grab your chair, bring it over and step on it. Or, better yet, ask if you can use the chair. Don’t put your dirty shoes on the chair for me to come sit on it after that.

It’s not that hard to be polite. Just ask before you use someone else’s things. It’s not that hard to be considerate of other people’s feelings. And it’s not that hard to be respectful of other people’s things.

I learned that even if the event is classy, doesn’t mean that everyone dressed up is. Also that if I would’ve responded how I know I would’ve in my head, the outcome probably would’ve been different.

I’m also happy that they didn’t choose our chairs to do that. Not sure my response would’ve been as calm and nice.

So, if you see someone doing something that’s not cool. Let them know that it’s not okay. We all need to work together to create a more respectful and considerate world.