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Are you the eat until you can’t move Thanksgiving eater? Or are you the marathon eater, the one that paces yourself throughout the whole day to maximize your food intake? Maybe the picker, and you don’t eat much of anything, just a little of this and a little of that.

Either way, the Thanksgiving Holiday has came and gone. But there are usually one big thing that lingers well after Thanksgiving dinner is over, leftovers.

Sometimes we cook so much that there is sooo much food left over, we eat leftovers well into Thanksgiving weekend. But as good as it may be, how long should you really be snacking and dining on those Thanksgiving leftovers.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service notes, you shouldn’t be eating anymore thanksgiving leftovers after today.

They say leftovers should not be kept in the fridge for longer than 3 or four days. After that you risk the chance of food poisoning.

The best way to keep food longer is to freeze it which  extends the life to 2-6 months.

So you have three choices on the Monday after Thanksgiving when it comes to leftovers. You can use them, freeze them, or toss them. Choose wisely.

And another leftover tip when it comes to reheating them make sure your food reaches 165 degrees.

Thanksgiving dinner is truly the meal that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Maybe too much if you are not careful.

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Source: USA Today / FoodSafety.Gov