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Ryan’s Rant

Today, I’m writing about an incident that took place while we were celebrating my wife’s birthday this past weekend.

If you didn’t know know y wife is from Miami by way of Haiti. So this is really her first time living in any other place. So in an attempt to show her that Baltimore is a real cool place to vibe with some cool places to hangout, I’m always looking for somewhere dope to take her.

Well she loves to eat and is big on finding niche restaurants. She found a location that she wanted to try after hearing some good reviews.

Went online made the reservations for us and a couple of friends.


The Night Of

Ready and looking forward to getting out and trying a new spot.

We pull up, I let her out at the door as usual so she can go inside. But she never made it passed the door and security.

Yes, they had a security guard at the front door telling people they have been closed all day. And they were not sure why their website was allowing reservations.

Crazy, while we sat in the car trying to figure out plan b. We watched people walk up to the door only to be turned away.

As infuriating as that was and a big inconvenience as well.  It did not put a damper on the night. We found a spot that was open and accepting patrons to dine. So the celebration was back on.

As for that restaurant. Not sure why the site was allowing reservations but if you are aware of it enough to have a security guard on site. Then at some point you need to update the website to make people aware of the situation.

I wonder if when the bill came we said well my bank is closed and has been all day. How would they react to that?

Send some form of communication to those that have already made reservations so that people don’t come all way down to your venue to be told thanks for coming but you can’t come in.

But the lesson here is no matter what happens. If you stay balanced and fluid in life, you can roll with the punches and still come out on top.

Another lesson, treat your customers as you would want to be treated.


Good food, good ambiance, good location are all important. But with bad customer service it makes everything else bad as well.