Ryan’s Rant Today, I’m writing about an incident that took place while we were celebrating my wife’s birthday this past weekend. If you didn’t know know y wife is from Miami by way of Haiti. So this is really her first time living in any other place. So in an attempt to show her that […]

THE BUZZ! Video shows horrific moment Taco Bell manager throws boiling water at dissatisfied customers A woman and her 16 year old niece are suing a Taco bell franchise in Dallas, Texas. The lawsuit comes after the two had scalding hot water poured on them by the manager. It seems that their drive thru order […]

The Buzz: Jazmine Sullivan calls out Macy’s employee for alleged racism on Juneteenth https://news.yahoo.com/jazmine-sullivan-calls-macy-employee-210600523.html   Ok so R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan had a bad experience at a major retail chain and was upset enough to mention on social media and even mention the employees name.   She posted on her Instagram story …“Wow to look racism […]

A Queens-based Starbucks manager pretty much lost her shit as she was going off on a customer. Grubstreet reports: Ruby Chen says she went to…