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Baby Mama Mayhem! Ne-Yo’s Ex Sade Bagnerise Arrested For Helping Son FIGHT & PEPPER SPRAY A CHILD

Ne-yo has had some relationship issues that hit the blogs. Now, it is one his exes making headlines.
Sade was arrested by authorities on suspicion of child cruelty after reportedly aiding her oldest son in fight with another classmate.
According to RadarOnline, the child’s mother, Veronica Madison, filed documents against the 35-year-old.
The petition stated, Sade and her kid allegedly traveled from their home to their neighborhood bus stop and lurked behind bushes before hitting Veronica’s son as he got off the school bus.
Witnesses and camera footage captured Sade punching the boy while her own son also assaulted him.

In her petition, Veronica stated that witnesses saw Sade “kick and restrain my son before spraying him in the face with pepper spray.” Eyewitnesses immediately alerted law enforcement who then chased after Sade and her son as they fled from the scene.
Sade responded by saying, “My son was getting bullied and jumped from kids at his school. I only got involved to help and protect him as any mother would. As a law-abiding citizen, I am fully committed to cooperating with the legal authorities and providing all necessary information to ensure a fair and just resolution.”
Source: Bossip