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‘Dead body’ turns out to be ‘very dirty, broken and overused’ sex doll: report


A Sex Doll had police shut down a road for 31 hours.

Let me explain.

There were reports of a dead body dumped in the woods was a lot of hot air. A body was found but according to police it was a dirty, broken and overused sex doll.

This incident happened across the pond in the UK where police thought they were on a murder investigation. So they went in to full crime scene mode calling in forensics and everything.

But after further inspection the body parts sticking out from underneath some bush was really the limbs of a discarded full sized, realistic sex doll.

The whole thing was blown out of proportion.

No murder investigation, no dead body, just a waste of resources and a few hours of a community being inconvenienced.

But a good ending to what could’ve been a tragedy.

I guess instead of throwing your sex doll in the woods inflated, recycle it.

There are actual state regulations on how to dispose of items like these.


Source: NY Post