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Oklahoma teenager finally defeats the unbeatable game: Tetris


Nothing like getting showed up by a kid.

That’s exactly what Willis Gibson, a 13 year old kid from Oklahoma, did when he beat the unbeatable classic video game Tetris.

Remeber Tetris, well many have tried to defeat the game and many have failed.

The classic game became super popular over 40 years ago when it was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

But none has ever been as far as Willis, who is now considered the first human to reach level 157. After reaching the level the game crashed which is considered to be a good thing, pushing the software pass its limits.

A 38 minute You Tube video documents the up to now impossible feat.

Just to put it in perspective, until 2011, players believed level 29 was the highest possible because that level featured the fastest speed for the game.

Some were able to reach level 35 using some special technique. One gamer got to level 95 but that has been the bar, until now.

Source:: CNN / AP