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Lab grows artificial testicles as step toward treating male infertility

First up.
These scientists are nuts. More specifically, they are creating them.
Researches have created tiny, artificial testicles in a lab! These “organoids,” grown from real mouse testis, might hold the key to helping men struggling with infertility.
That’s right, researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel are pioneering this exciting research. They see these lab-grown testicles as a powerful tool for understanding how testicles work and develop, which could pave the way for new treatments for both infertility and sexual development disorders.
This research could be a game-changer for millions, especially with one in twelve men worldwide facing infertility.
These are not your supermarket nuts. That’s for sure.
The finding of this study were recently published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences.
Source: WBAL