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Sean Combs Denies ‘Gang Rape’ of 17-Year-Old Girl, Says Suit Violates His Constitutional Rights

Sean P. Diddy Combs has broken his silence on the allegations against him from last year.
In response to the gang rape accusations made in December 2023, he filed an 11-page response in the Southern District of New York denying any involvement. Diddy claims he had no knowledge or participation in any misconduct towards the plaintiff.
Diddy questions the timing of the lawsuit, given the alleged incident occurred over 20 years ago. Arguing it affects his ability to defend himself adequately. He disputes the authenticity and context of a photo included in the lawsuit, showing the victim on his lap.
His legal team, now including two prominent female lawyers, argues that proceeding with the case violates Combs’ constitutional rights.

The plaintiff alleges significant damages from the incident. Saying she was trafficked across state lines, drugged and abused by Diddy, former Bad Boy boss Harve Pierre, and a third unidentified male. Also that they each took turns raping her in a recording studio bathroom in 2003.
We will wait to hear more as this continues to go through the legal process.