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A woman was charged $1,000 for a Subway sandwich. She says she’s not been refunded and has struggled to afford groceries.

First up.
Imagine going to Subway for a family lunch and getting charged over $1,000 for your order! That’s exactly what happened to Letitia Bishop in Columbus, Ohio.

She visited the Subway store inside a gas  station expecting a typical lunch bill. But when she checked her receipt, she was shocked to see a charge of $1,021.50 for three subs. This is way more than the usual price of a Subway sandwich, which is usually around $6.50 to $12.
Feeling overwhelmed, she tried to resolve the issue directly with the store staff. Unfortunately, they directed her to contact Subway’s corporate office, which didn’t help either.
Then it got worse when she returned to the store find that it had closed down.
She went to her bank, but that didn’t work either.
Now she’s struggling to get groceries for her family because her account is negative.
A representative from the Better Business Bureau says her options are to use the BBB’s dispute resolution process or even escalate the matter by filing a police report for theft.
So a good lesson. Check every receipt, if you don’t already.