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Footage of Student Toe-Licking Fundraiser Event at Oklahoma School Prompts Investigation

A fundraiser goes viral and sparked an investigation.
That’s after a video circulating online showing students at Deer Creek High School in Oklahoma participating in a strange fundraising activity that involved peanut butter and toes.
The incident took place during a week-long event raising money for a local coffee shop that employs people with disabilities.

In the video you can see kids lying on their stomachs and licking peanut butter of other peoples bare toes. One good thing is the students faces were blurred in the video for privacy.
A statement from the school district said that the activity was voluntary and involved students from all grades (9th-12th). Also that no school faculty or staff participated in any of the games.
They also mentioned that the school raised over $150,000.
My kid will not be licking toes for money. They could’ve still raised that money without them having to do something so ridiculous.
Source: Complex