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Human case of bird flu detected in Texas after outbreak of virus among cattle

A different meaning to flu season.
Last week health officials reported a breakout of sick dairy cattle in Texas and Kansas testing positive for avian influenza,. Also known as bird flu, a disease caused by a family of flu viruses primarily transmitted among birds.
Now, Texas health officials in a news alert on Monday announced that person has been infected with the virus after coming into close contact with the infected cows.

Officials said that it is the first human case of this strain of avian influenza in Texas, and only the second in the U.S.
Bird Flu can make people sick in different ways, the health department says. Some people only get mild symptoms, but others can get very sick. The worst cases can lead to pneumonia, trouble breathing, septic shock, and even death.
And Bird flu has cost the government roughly $660 million and in recent times raised the price of eggs and poultry. Not to mention, at least 58 million birds were slaughtered last year to limit the spread of the virus.
The good news. this viruses has only rarely been transmitted from person to person,” authorities said. so the risk to the general public is believed to be low.
Still be careful out here.
Source: USA Today