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First living patient with transplanted pig kidney goes home from the hospital

Imagine owing over $100,000 in child support and you don’t want to pay. What do you do?
This man from Kentucky got real creative. He faked his own death, digitally.
From something out of a movie. This man hackled into hacked into Hawaii’s death registry system (seriously, Hawaii?!) and pretended to be a doctor from another state. Then, get this, he signed his own death certificate!
According to the government, this resulted in him being registered as deceased in many government databases.”
But he wasn’t done there. He hacked into even more stuff! We’re talking businesses, government agencies, the whole nine yards. Apparently, he wanted to sell access to these hacked systems to potential customers online.

Unfortunately for him, the scheme wasn’t foolproof. He was caught. And now owes about $116,000 to his ex-wife, along with $200,000 to businesses and government agencies he hacked.
In addition, he faces a maximum of seven years in prison and up to $500,000 in fines at a sentencing date tentatively set for 12 April.
Talk about taking “playing dead” to a whole new level.
I bet he wish he would’ve put that much thought into raising the money instead of this.
Source: The Guardian