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Tiffany Haddish Says Being Sober Has Taught Her She’s Been ‘Way Too Nice Over the Years’ (Exclusive)

Tiffany Haddish is spilling the tea on her journey to sobriety, and it’s all about self-discovery!
The comedian/actress actress opened up to PEOPLE about the biggest thing she’s learned so far: she’s been way too nice!
Turns out, when she was drinking, she had a filter. She’d think mean things but hold them back. Now that she’s sober? That filter is GONE! She says what’s on her mind.

This newfound honesty isn’t about meanness, though. It’s about being her true self, unfiltered. “I’m sober and this is what I really feel, so I’m going to say it. Because it needs to be said,” she says.
This isn’t just about being blunt though, Haddish says it’s about being honest with herself and those around her. No more sugarcoating things – she’s owning her truth! Also, she’s stopped relying on others and is focusing on her own inner strength.
Plus, ditching the drinks, she says, has been surprisingly easy for her! Apparently, meat was a tougher habit to break.
But it looks like  sobriety has helped Tiffany to rediscover herself again with a whole new perspective. She remembers everything, has more fun, and makes better friends
That’s wassup.
Source: People