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Love Is Blind Season 6 Images of Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree Smith

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

We knew we loved Clay Gravesande’s mother Margarita when we watched her unleash a destructive verbal lashing without so much as raising her voice above a whisper on the season finale of Love Is Blind. Margarita has been nothing but a woman of class and faith and she’s once again proving how graceful she is in response to her son Clay dating hip-hop groupie Celina Powell.

In case you missed it, or tried to avoid it at all costs, Love Is Blind star Clay and OnlyFans model Celina Powell had social media in shambles after announcing they’re an item or whatever. TikTok clips of Celina and shirtless Clay have gone viral. Margarita found herself having to address her son’s escapade. She shared a message on Instastories calling out anyone sending her explicit videos and called her son home to Jesus.

“First, my #1 rule for folks following me on social media. Don’t send me any inappropriate videos…” she wrote. “Second, I didn’t know who CP was until everyone started sending me her Youtube information [throwing up emoji] it’s very interesting that some men will lose everything thinking that the apple is good but its a forbidden choice (do better). The deceiver uses old tricks to attack and destroy.”

Living up to her classless reputation, Celina Powell clapped back at Mama Margarita by posting a clip of her sitting in her car blasting 2 Pac’s Hit Em’ Up. Particularly the verse when he raps, “f*ck you and your motherf*cking mama.” Yeah, she went there.

Clay also responded to his mother, seemingly taking heed to her evangelistic message. He reposted her message with the caption, “Heard you mom. My apologies.”

We’ve been on standby waiting to hear what Amber “AD” Desiree has to say, but we have a feeling she will rise above all this mess. Sis is getting her nails done and minding her business.


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