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After protests over the murder of George Floyd took over the nation made a huge impact on how a lot of individuals looked at themselves, a lot of companies had to do the same thing. One of the them was makers behind the once-iconic Aunt Jemima pancakes and syrup brand.  Now, it is finally going […]

After a three to four-year hiatus, Hi-C Orange is coming back to McDonald’s. Even after it was taken off menus everywhere in 2017, it remained popular to this day. From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland: According to a press release from McDonald’s, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will begin rolling out in select locations this month and […]

Forever 21 is honoring Black creatives with their new Black History Month apparel collection and campaign.

In the past few days, the buzz around GameStop, AMC, and Reddit has dominated the news cycle.  One might’ve noticed several people online discussing investing in stocks and pondered, “What’s going on?”

If you thought Kraft’s pumpkin spice version of its iconic macaroni and cheese was something, wait until you see this latest concoction. Presenting the new pink mac and cheese that has arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland: According to a press release, the limited edition Candy Kraft Macaroni […]

Richard Patterson, who designed the Tesla Model S, was featured on the 'Master P Reviews' YouTube program.

CNN host Don Lemon used his platform to encourage newsrooms to increase staffing diversity in a meaningful way, and not just for appearances.

Due to popular demand and after a huge outcry that resulted in an online petition, one popular fast-food restaurant is bringing back one signature menu item it had initially discontinued. Taco Bell has announced on Jan. 14 that potatoes are coming back to the well-known chain.  They even took to Twitter to make a video […]

After social media tried to pick who had the best chicken sandwich, one unlikely fast-food giant is entering the ring to win the crown. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the latest to introduced what they are calling the “best chicken sandwich ever.”  It should be one that will put them over Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. KFC […]

Last week, we kicked off the Quarantine Awards with celebrities and influencers who won this inevitable lockdown. Aside from those who made a huge impact in quarantine, there are a number of businesses that racked in the money catering to the needs of its consumers.