REPRESENT. Men’s Health

June is Men’s Heath Moth. Fellas, take some time out to do things to stay healthy! Willie Moore Jr. Gives Some Advice.

When you hear the phrase “you are what you eat,” what do you think about? Do you imagine that you are literally a pizza or a burger? Or, do you take into consideration the harmful effects of ingesting certain foods? Perhaps it is the phrase that is problematic, and the truth is you are not […]

June is Men’s Health month, and there quite a few facts about men’s health that might surprise you. Studies show that men, and especially African American men, don’t take their health as seriously as they should. That is one of the reasons why men black women outlive black men by five to seven years. Here […]

When it comes to living a healthy life, getting regular check-ups are a must, and there are two areas that African-American men should keep at the top of their lists, hypertension and diabetes. African-American men suffer from diabetes and hypertension at higher rates than men and women in many other ethnic groups and regular screenings […]

Why do men avoid getting check-ups? Do they fear what a doctor might say? Is it their own sense of masculinity and the notion that men do not need help? Or, is it that they simply do not trust doctors? The answer is all of the above. Research shows that men in general site these […]